Flexible Hydraulic Solutions

We are a Finnish company that specializes in hydraulics and pneumatics. Our selection includes components from leading manufacturers such as couplings, fittings, seals, pumps, motors, hose assemblies, and much more. We also offer power unit design, assembly, and installation services. With our expertise, we guarantee flexible and industry leading services for our customers. Our store and facility is located in Porvoo, Finland

Flexible Hydraulic & Pneumatic Solutions

We provide our customers with quality products and well-known hydraulic and pneumatic components from leading manufacturers, as well as power unit design, assembly and installation.

Our services in Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Hydraulic hose production
Hose assembly production

Hydraulic hose assembly installation & maintenance.

Service & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance

Professional maintenance & repair of hydraulics also in our client’s premises.

Engineering & Design
Engineering & Design

2D & 3D hydraulics & mechanical design planning for our customers needs.

Hydraulic sales

Professional service and reliable co-operation with decades of experience.

Hydraulic & pneumatic store
Our Store

Hydraulics & pneumatic components, accessories & hoses.

Hydraulic power units

We manufacture hydraulic power units to meet our customers specific needs.

Ab Flexo-Tekniikka Oy belongs to Etola Group, which imports, manufactures and markets industrial products. Etola Group consists of about 30 specialist companies. In 2023 the Group’s aggregate turnover amounted to ca. 587 million euros, and all together the companies employed a staff of about 1750.